Seven Ways That Lazybucks Is The Laziest Way To Earn Money by: William Nabaza of

  1. Lazybucks has it's own customized Lazybucks Chrome app that does the earnings for you.

  2. Lazybucks referral scheme is highly automated.

  3. Lazybucks requirements are to lazy ways to attain.

  4. Lazybucks uses the laziest social media in the whole world.

  5. Lazybucks senses your laziest activities on facebook and they are all lazy, unproductive activities.

  6. Lazybucks pays promptly to lazy people including me.

  7. Lazybucks pays via paypal or payoneer.

So again the laziest ways to earn money is Lazybucks.

Author: weblord

Weblord William Nabaza

I usually do everything online and a great practiser of weblordism, hence my nick. I'm also preacher, pastor, and body builder.

I call myself the rejected slave of GOD. Why?

This has become my life verse, even I don't want it. GOD direct me to this Job 30:26 - When I looked for good, then evil came unto me: and when I waited for light, there came darkness.

JESUS CHRIST is Everything, weblord is nothing

If not for the LORD JESUS CHRIST, Im long dead by now.

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